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30 Money Date Questions

by Bethany

Talk Money to Me!

Hey Lovebirds! Are you and your partner ready to get on the same page with money? The first step is to understand their financial past and their money mindset, which means talking about money.

For most couples, this is terrifying! Trust me I know how hard it can be to navigate money conversations with your partner. My partner and I never used to talk about money and it left us stagnant when it came to achieving financial goals. Taking the leap and having essential money talks helped us get on the same page with money. Since we started talking about money as a couple, we’ve been able to:

  • Create a budget that works
  • Buy a home
  • Increase our savings
  • Increase our retirement contributions and
  • Align our spending with what matters most to us

All That With a Conversation About Money?!

Well, yes. Many many conversations. I am not going to lie, it takes time to get there. That is because you’re both going to unpack your financial bags and those can be heavy, but the rewards are worth it.

Ok, Cool. But Where Do We Even Start?

Knowing what to ask is hard, but I’ve got you. I made a pack of 30 money date questions that help you and your partner get the conversation flowing.

Print them out, cut them up, and throw them in a bowl. Pick a question and each of you takes a turn to answer. You do them all at once, but I don’t recommend it. Pick a few for each time you schedule a money date.  Don’t forget to pour your favorite beverage before you begin.

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