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Six Money Saving Apps I Use Daily

by Bethany
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HerFI here, I thought I would share a list of my favorite money saving apps. You can easily save money from your phone, and some of these money saving apps might surprise you.

1. Money Saving App for Groceries- Safeway Just 4 U 

If you have a Safeway close to your home, download the Safeway Just 4 U app now. Link your club card and select items on sale to add to your list. Some of these items you will only get the discount by loading the coupon onto your card first. We have also received $5 off $25 and other special coupons. It is so fun watching the discount scroll down the screen when we type in our number at the end.

2. Money Saving App for Online Purchases – Earny

Earny is an AMAZING rebate app. Free to Frugal, one of my favorite Youtuber’s shared this app with me and I have been passing it on ever since. This app links with your major credit cards, e-mail (for reciepts) and Amazon account. It loads your purchases made in the last 90 days and tracks their prices. If the price drops, you are issued a refund and you can simply cash out on PayPal when you want.

When we first signed up we made about $40.00 right away. Also, for a short time, they are offering your 5% of any refund your friends make. The catch is your friends need to download the app using your personal link- which is easy to share in a text or on social media. Earny does collect 25% of the return, but the time savings are worth it personally.

3. Money Saving App for Selling Old Stuff – Offer Up

Online Marketplace where selling your items is as simple. Easy to list everything at once and my posts had 24 views in the first 30 minutes. They also offer TruYou protection that ensures whoever you are selling to are real people. This gave me peace of mind, especially when people need to come to your home for larger items like furniture.

4. Money Saving App for Budgeting and Networth Tracking- Personal Capital

Personal Capital is a budgeting and tracking app. It will show you your overall net worth, how much you are spending and has a handy budgeting feature. It can be overwhelming at first, but if you are a numbers person this is the tool for you. I have enjoyed getting the e-mails that tell me I spent $232.00 less than last month.

5. Money Saving App for Weather -Sunshine

The Sunshine app is a weather tracker. I debated on including this one, but it really has helped me be prepared. The app tells you the weather in multiple locations that you set. I have mine set to home and work.

The best part about the app is it tells you how to dress and what to bring in order to be prepared for the day. This is where it saves me money. When I know the environment, I am not going to stop at the store to buy sunscreen or whatever item I think I need for my outing, I will instead have it with me.

6. Money Saving App to Keep You Organized – Trello

Trello offers a way to organize information with every single feature you could ever want. I just started using this and now never touch my Notes on my iPhone. You can attach and share lists in a simple way. Plus it interfaces with your home computers. The best part for myself was the look and overall sleek quality of this app.

This app saves money because, let’s be honest if you do not keep any lists, you are going to forget things or spend more than is needed. We practice the 72 hour rule- which means before making a purchase we write it down and wait 72 hours, only after that time if we are still thinking about it do we press that order button. It has definitely cut down on our urge to use Amazon Prime so liberally.


That is it for now! Post your favorite money saving apps in the comments. We would love any new suggestions.


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