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25 Free Self Care Ideas To Practice

by Bethany
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Are those seriously my eyes with the dark bags under them? This past week has been rough. Sometimes it feels like life has a few extra punches to throw your way. Thankfully, I have been making conscious efforts to improve the free self care routines in my life, especially reclaiming my mornings.

Often self care comes at a critical point. It used be that I had see bags under my eyes or have a serious case of anxiety before I even considered treating myself. This should not be the case. think in our society that encourages a “work till you die” mentality can lead to guilt of stopping and caring for yourself. I often thought of myself as being needy, selfish, or not having the time. Yet, when I waited and put my needs or dedicated time for me on the back shelf I was more challenging to be around and burnt out.

It is really a mindset shift to consider self care on a weekly or even daily basis.  Care for yourself without the guilt. You have to. You need to. It will trickle out to others in life.  Here are my“Go To” free self care ideas – tired or not.

Free Self Care Ideas

Care for yourself without the guilt. You have to. You need to. It will trickle out to the others in your life. 

  1. Meditate. I love the app Headspace. This could also look like sitting in total silence for 5 minutes and breathing. Just breathing.
  2. Read. Carve out the time to read a book. Maybe even Tim Ferris’s 4 Hour Work Week?
  3. Take a bath in epsom salts.
  4. Enjoy the weather. Go out and catch snowflakes on your tongue. Soak up the sun in a hammock or splash around in the rain and mud. Be aware of your environment.
  5. Plan your next adventure. Dreams are only yours
  6. Pick up a pencil or pen and place it on paper. Doodle. Draw. Write. Have the connection from hand to paper.
  7. Try something new. Not buy- try. Bake using a new recipe, take a different trail, try a new hairstyle.
  8. Go out to a local park or take a hike. Engage with nature. It is the best therapy.
  9. Workout. I know…but it is still self care. Go for a run or jog. Invite your friends. Do some yoga in your living room with your kiddos.
  10. Make your own hair mask. Here are a few of my recipes I use from stuff in my kitchen
  11. Self Massage. While I have an amazing massage pillow, take the time to massage your hands or forearms. Better yet- a scalp massage is the best with some peppermint essential oils.
  12. Watch a Documentary. I say this instead of binging on Netflix Criminal Minds because it will give you something to consider.
  13. Make yourself a drink. See if you have what you need for a Manhattan to relax or whip up a smoothie to repair your body.
  14. Sleep In. Do not make plans next Saturday and sleep- don’t jump out of bed. Snuggle your cat or kids and take it easy. Can’t sleep in? Schedule a nap. Schedule it or it won’t happen.
  15. Take the time to make a “Smiles” folder. Go back and find any positive comments on your social media or blog (if you have one) and screenshot them. Put these in a folder for when times are really tough. It is a good reminder of the people in your corner.
  16. Have a Photoshoot. I say this as a photographer, but seriously – step up your selfie game and update your profile picture. #yousocute
  17. Send out positive vibes. It feels good to be kind. Write a note for a friend or leave a comment that is uplifting.
  18. Go on a date with your fur baby. Take your pup on a walk and play fetch, then cuddle on the couch. Or play with your kitty and grab some tuna juice to pour over their food. They always give you unconditional love. Isn’t that the best.
  19. Write yourself an email of how freakin awesome you are. Schedule it to send out in 6 months to a year. You will thank yourself later.
  20. Watch some comedy. Nothing like a good laugh. I love anything Amy Schumer.
  21. Go on an information starve. Especially if feeling overwhelmed. Meaning no e-mail, no blogs, no social media reading. Nothing. We have done this for a week, but a day will do you some good too.
  22. Cuddle. Yup. Human touch in important. Do so with your kids, friend, loved one.
  23. Have a dance party. Put on music and sing along. Who cares if anyone is watching.
  24. On the same note- have a lip sync battle like Jimmy Fallon with your friends or just yourself.  We have done this many times on a summer night with a good cocktail.
  25. Say no to someone. Don’t be afraid to say no to those extra tasks or running your third 5k or going to that after school game. It will be ok. Saying no means you control your life. Your life is yours.


I hope you found some of these free self care ideas helpful. Comment below with your own free self care tips. We could all use a little love!


Michelle March 14, 2018 - 11:48 pm

Love number 21. I do this for myself a lot. I have a tendency to get so wrapped up in things that I have to rip myself away to process what I learned. Great list.

Bethany March 15, 2018 - 3:32 pm

Thank you! Keep up on that self care!


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