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So. We’re moving.

by Bethany

Major life update, we’re moving. If you’ve been really tracking us this last year, you know that Charles company is shutting down. This meant the job hunt was on for him and our local options weren’t working out.

We’re moving to Phoenix Arizona. His new position starts in January.

Taken from a hike in AZ last year

Our insane To-Do list that needs to be done in a few weeks

We have never moved to another state before. While we’re seasoned travelers it’s a whole other ball game when you need to move all your stuff plus a dog and two cats hundreds of miles away.

Here is our to-do list (Some of which we have accomplished already):

  • Give away desk, chair, old couch, two rugs, office chair, guest bed and file cabinet
  • Donate as many items as possible to cut down on how much we need to move
  • Find a short term sublet that is furnished or an AirBnB for our first few months
  • Plan the road trip down there with multiple stops and pet-friendly stays
  • Hire a handyman to help use with the grout we ruined and other fixes around the house
  • Hire a cleaning service right before we list
  • List our home and sell it for top dollar (Fingers crossed)
  • Get our animal’s full vet records
  • Pack up our stuff
  • Book a Pod for our stuff and storage in AZ
  • Find a Realtor for AZ
  • Find a mortgage broker we like in AZ
  • Get pre-qualified
  • Find a new home and buy it
  • Move our stuff out of storage and into a home

And celebrate the holidays with friends and family! 🙂

An adventure awaits! Wish us luck and follow along on the gram

This is pretty much all the bandwidth I have right now. It will be an adventure and a little stressful until we get settled. I plan to write all about how we did it. I will share all the ways we tried to save money (and if they failed). But for now, wish us luck!

If you don’t hear from me till the end of December for our “Taking it and Trashing it” annual post, then don’t be surprised. Do stay in touch via Instagram though as I will be posting on there regularly. Plus vlogging it all.

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