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The Cost of A Wedding Photographer Is Well Worth It

by Bethany
Wedding Photographer

Modern weddings have a reputation for being expensive. The wedding industry could have you spending thousands or tens of thousands of dollars. The average American wedding in 2017 costs $25,764.  Yikes! Despite this, there is one wedding detail you should never scrimp on: Wedding Photographer. Here’s why.

Why you should be willing to spend money on a wedding photographer

1. Photographers capture the day in a way no one else would

Memories fade. You want to remember this day and so will others around you. The details would be lost if not for them. 

2. You only do this once…(hopefully)

Ideally, you only do this once, so capturing your own nuptials is a priority. You will want a professional. Not a bunch of people with cell phones or your friend who kind of takes good photos. Professional photographers are trained and will edit your photos to perfection so you can be proud to frame it in your living room. 

3. Professionals will make your wedding look exquisite (even if it’s not)

Professional photographers will do a professional job. It will not matter if the venue isn’t perfect or the flowers aren’t big. If you have a good photographer, your event will look fantastic. 

4. It is an investment for the future

It is a way to seal the deal and create something for others in the future. While some brides may save their dress to give to their children, everyone looks back at the wedding pictures. They can be sent and saved for years to come.  You and others will actually gain from the money spent. 

5. Paying a photographer well keeps the profession an actual job

Looking for the cheapest photographer doesn’t help other professionals who are trying be paid a decent wage for their work. Too often creative work is undervalued or people try to get it for free. Pay a photographer what they are worth. It is their career too.

A wedding is a celebration. It can be dripping in tradition or the complete opposite. Not one or the other is better. It is an event to celebrate love and the couple. We need photographers to solidify the celebration of love. 

Life Update: Wedding and Budget

Yes! That is us! How cute are we?

Every couple needs to set a wedding budget. This includes us. We don’t want to go into any debt for a wedding and we set the date far enough out that we could avoid that scenario. This post isn’t all about why you should splurge on a photographer. It’s also the first personal life update I have posted for a while. 

We are set to get married in June of 2020. I have been considering the budget, what is actually worth spending money on. We are going to have a destination wedding to save money if you can believe it (more posts on this to come). There was one thing that I knew I wouldn’t even have to question. I will be splurging on photographers. I will be happy to spend money on both an engagement photographer and wedding photographer for all moments of our day. 

The newer thing is to also have a professional videographer. While I am a huge fan of this art form, we will not be splurging on this. Instead, we opted for live musicians during the ceremony. This was a personal choice for us, but tell me if you think it was worth it to also have a videographer? 

Life Update Post Wedding

Our wedding budget is $10,000 for a destination wedding. This includes our airfare and our own hotel stay. Since we are having a destination wedding, we will also be having our honeymoon at the same location. I am early in the planning stages, but if I calculated it out right we should be able to stay in budget. 

Prior to the wedding, we may be moving, selling our home, and HisFI will be switching jobs- so lots still happening for 2019 and 2020. Another reason to have the wedding far away since we don’t really know where we may end up yet! 

So blogger friends, send me your wedding planning advice as I begin this venture. I would love to hear from you. What was worth spending money on? How much did you spend on your dress? Did you buy a suit so you can use it later?

Thanks All!

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