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Travel Capsule Wardrobe for France

by Bethany

Bonjour! I am headed to France and Barcelona!  I created my first travel capsule wardrobe for this very occasion. As you know, I like to travel as light as possible with only one bag. Most of the time this is my backpack, but in this case, I am bringing my small carry on suitcase and one personal bag.

When I minimized my wardrobe I was reading about capsule wardrobes. While those are not for me on a daily basis, I did want to create a travel capsule using the idea of the 10 x 10 challenge. The 10×10 challenge was created by Style Bee in 2015. It was designed as a way to get more creative with your clothes and wear the ones you actually own. 

The idea is to pick 10 items from your closet and style 10 outfits. This includes shoes! It is perfect for those on a shopping ban or looking to minimize their wardrobe. 

The idea for my trip to France and Barcelona will be the same, 10 outfits with 10 pieces. I will NOT be including shoes, my trench, my swimsuit, a hat, or accessories with this capsule. So in that way, I am cheating a little bit. C’est la vie!

Travel Capsule Wardrobe: 10 items and 10 outfits 

Be sure to check out my Instagram to see how I styled these outfits on the trip. By the time this post is out, I will be wandering the streets of France, so there are sure to be snippets in my story.

I am packing six tops: 

  • Black Flowy Tank
  • Green Ribbed Tank with Cowl Neck
  • White Button Up Tank
  • White Polka Dot Button Up
  • Blue Striped Button Up
  • White T-Shirt with Black Detailing
Ignore the wrinkled pieces! I was throwing them in the wash.

I am packing four pairs of pants: 

  • Breathable black pant
  • Linen Blue Pant
  • Darkwash Jean
  • Black Pencil Pant

I do not typically pack dresses on trips unless I know there will be a fancy night out. The fact is I am usually walking everywhere and find I am more comfortable in pants.

Extended Packing List for the Travel Capsule Wardrobe

As I mentioned above, I will be cheating a bit on the 10×10 challenge because I have a few other items I need to bring with me.


  • Black Flats
  • Sandals

Accessories and Other: 

  • Sunglasses
  • Hat
  • Necklace and earrings to wear every day
  • Swimsuit
  • 2 pairs of socks (just for at night)
  • Underwear for everyday
  • Bras (2)
  • Scarf


  • Trench Coat
  • Rain Coat
  • Sweater

Of course, toiletries, beauty, and entertainment for the flight will be coming along as well. I try not to get too caught up and just pack from my travel list. This trip I am bringing a personal bag (like a tote) for the flight and my carry-on suitcase, which leaves me tons of room.

I am traveling with a group who will be checking luggage, so I decided to join them for ease. Plus, we are sticking to the cities, for the most part, so my hiking backpack gets to wait this one out. As long as I have my passport and a converter for my phone, the rest can be found while I am there.

Au Revoir! 

I am off to show students how amazing traveling abroad can really be. Of course, I am so excited to learn and see all the sites myself. If you are planning your next trip, check out the travel section for more on packing light, travel hacking, and finding the right travel clothes. 


Anna June 21, 2019 - 8:45 pm

Good call! I’ve startedeven just being mindful of the weight of any new clothes I do buy..takes up less space in general in the closet!

Bethany June 29, 2019 - 9:41 am

Yes, plus they tend to be breathable!


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