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What to Buy the Partner Who Has Everything

by Bethany
Budgeting as a Couple

Buying your partner a gift can feel good. It is a way to show your love. What do you buy the partner who has everything? Ideally the gift will bring joy and add value, however if they have everything, it becomes just another thing. 

We have recently tried to limit the number of things coming in and out of our home. While minimalism may not be for everyone, finding a gift for an individual who does not need more things is a common problem. 

  • Me: What do you want for  (Insert any occasion here)?
  • HisFI: “I thought we were not doing gifty things this year.”
  • Me: “ True, but I would like you to have one treasure.” 
  • HisFI: “I don’t know. I already bought everything I need” 

This is almost every conversation from the Holidays, to our Anniversary and even Birthdays… this man will buy himself whatever he needs. I am not in opposition to this, except when I have already bought it for him. 

One year I bought a belt for our anniversary because I finally knew he needed one and the exact  brand. Guess what arrived in the mail a few weeks prior-the same belt he ordered for himself. 

In case you can relate to the partner who has everything or you simply want to reduce the amount of things coming in and out of your home-consider these options instead for the Holiday, Anniversary, Valentine’s Day or Birthdays. 



1. Take a Class or Purchase a Class Package 

Check on Groupon for a cooking class. Sign up to take dance lessons. Preferably something you could do together. 

2. Season Tickets 

If your budget is more flexible consider purchasing season tickets for their favorite sport or as we prefer, the local theater. This ensures a fun evening every month. 

3. Plan a Hike 

Look up a local hike or one within driving distance. The plan is intentional, make sure it feels special compared to other hikes. We hike regularly, but a planned hike for us may mean paying a fee to a park, packing a picnic, or checking out a local pub after the hike. 

4. Road Trip 

Take a road trip to a new park or a city. Explore, maybe even book a night in a hotel using points. Road trips are fun and full of adventure. We are planning a few more in our future. 

5. Relive a Moment 

If you and your partner have been together for a while, consider re-creating a special date or memory. First kiss, restaurant with crappy coffee but good conversation, an off-roading expedition, whatever it was try to make that moment happen again. 

6. Services 

Give them a break. Seriously. If they always cook dinner on Friday night, offer to take over. If they always do the laundry – throw the loads in yourself. (And fold and put away) .

Do not limit it to house work, as hopefully everyone is shouldering an equal burden. Consider giving them a massage or making them a cup of tea and creating a space where they can relax. This might mean walking the dogs or taking the kids out for errands. 

Consumables and Things: 

7. The Speciality Item 

These are those strange little things that seem to cost $14 a bag, but your partner loves them. I love Kookaburra licorice and when we go to a store like World Market there seems to always be a little treat that Charles wants to try. Make a night of it and purchase a few of those speciality items then taste test. 

8. Photos and Framed Photos

Schedule to have your photos taken with a professional. Alternatively, find some of your best moments together, print and frame them for the house. 

9. Food

Go out to eat. Probably an obvious one. However, trying a new restaurant and having a drink together is still one of our favorite things to do as a couple. 

10. House Plants 

You all have heard how I feel about flowers before. I will always recommend the house plant above all else. This will at least filter the air and be alive-not dead in two weeks. 

11. Bake a Cake or Cookies

Bake your partners favorite sweet treat. Anything made with love tastes better anyway. YouTube has been a huge help for since I am learning how to cook and bake as a vegan. Prior to our veganism, Charles made the best Pumpkin Cheesecake for me at work. 

12. Try a New Cocktail 

Dust off your shaker and try a new cocktail recipe or two. Try using one of those random bottles from an old party as the base. 

13. Personal Pampering 

Purchase a gift certificate to the salon or a masseuse. Buy them their favorite face mask or lotion. Get a class card to their yoga studio or cross fit class. Even making sure the time is carved out for personal pampering is huge. 


It can be hard to find the perfect gift or gesture for the person who has it all, but the most important things are those that leave a memory. Spend time together. Cherish what is. 

Share what you have done for the partner who has it all below. We can make this list grow. 

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