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55 Easy Vegan Meals: Keeping Vegan Eating Simple and Cheap

by Bethany

Easy Vegan Meals may sound counter intuitive, especially is you are new to veganism like we are. The key is keeping vegan eating simple and cheap. Don’t stress about any of the “speciality” foods or replacement products at the start- simple and clean eating is best for your health anyways. One of the quickest ways we have been saving money on our meals is to have a Top 50 list of go-to easy vegan meals.

Our transition to Vegan meant that all of my go-to recipes that have become second nature for me to put to together were now out the window. I was having to look at a whole grain and whole vegetables as the main portions of every meal. This shift was challenging, but once I figured out what to keep stocked and shop for I could then re-do my top 50 list.

NOTE: Some recipes are linked to the exact one or one that is similar, while others I made up.  If you have any questions, just drop them in the comments below!




While we have the most dinner options, we also always make double of dinner in order to pack our lunches for the next day if possible. We still keep those emergency meals on hand that I talked about here as well- just vegan style. I also do not spend tons of time in the kitchen using these tricks- since time is money.

For adding to the list and trying new recipes I have been obsessed with Sweet Potato Soul and her YouTube Channel. Make sure you check her out.

What are your go-to meals for the family? We would love to hear!

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