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Tips to Brew a Great Cup of Coffee at Home (And Save Money)

by Olivia Moore

Guest Post: Olivia Moore

At every nook and corner, you will find a Starbucks or a McDonalds.  All these outlets deliver varieties of coffee. Though you get awesome an awesome cup of coffee, you are still spending money. Not everyone can afford a Starbucks or has the time. You can save money, and the environment by brewing from your own home. Avoid the plastic cup every morning and enjoy the best cup of joe at home using these tips

(Of course, we don’t advocate the “never buy a latte” to reach financial well-being here at His and Her FI Post- only an alternative way to enjoy your cup of Joe.)

If you want to brew a professional kind of coffee you will need a good coffee maker and some good quality beans and filters. You also get in coffee shops different kinds of flavors of coffee beans and essences. Once you master the art of brewing the perfect cup of coffee you will enjoy making it every single day if you are a coffee lover.

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Buy fresh whole coffee beans 

It is said that coffee tastes the best when it is used immediately after it is roasted. It is advised never to buy coffee beans in bulk. Check if the packaging is sealed perfectly before buying else the beans can get sour even if a little moisture enters.

Coffee beans should always be stored in an airtight container. Mason jars are the best containers to store them. It is best to purchase coffee beans and grind them yourself at home rather than buying grounded coffee powder.

You may notice, coffee manufacturers do not put the date when the beans have been ground, so it is hard to know if it’s fresh. Just days after its grounded coffee has much more flavor and essence. After a month, the essence withers. Coffee should be consumed within a month once it’s roasted. Many coffee outlets have packets of coffee beans of different varieties. The next step is to buy a really good coffee grinder (or you can grind your coffee beans in the store if they have this option)

Look into a coffee grinder

You should buy a coffee grinder which allows you to grind in different ways. In most coffee pots, you will need to grind the beans for a minimum of 10 seconds. This also depends on the kind of beans you are using and how will you be brewing the coffee. Always follow the instruction manuals of your coffee grinder and coffee maker to make yourself the perfect cup of coffee.

You get two kinds of grinders in the market- blade, and burr. Burr grinders are superior in quality but a little expensive. Blade grinders are really affordable. The real question is- how much of a coffee fanatic are you? 🙂 If you are buying an espresso machine, keep this in mind and look into the type of grinder in the machine its self.

Once you are done grinding, you should immediately brew the coffee powder as it loses its flavor quickly. When buying a grinder, also try to get one that is easier to clean as this will help with the freshness of your coffee. Some of the best-branded coffee grinders in the market today are  Bodum Bistro Electric Burr Coffee grinder which is budget friendly and OXO on Conical Burr grinder which is user-friendly.

Invest in a coffee maker

Many branded coffee shops also sell coffee makers. It is always best to invest in a good coffee pot even if it’s a little expensive. There are really good branded coffee makers available. A coffee maker saves money and time. You can brew any kind of coffee you like and get it instantly when you wake up groggily in the morning. You can check our reviews of the best coffee machines on the market. 

You can also look into purchasing an espresso machine if the brewed pot isn’t for you. Try the coffee calculator and see what His and Her FI Post have for their own espresso machine.

Keep all types of coffee equipment clean

You should always keep your coffee maker clean. Basically, any equipment used for brewing coffee even the filters should be cleaned well. After brewing coffee, the residue of the grains gets left behind. If it is not cleaned well, they will build up and give your coffee a rancid taste.

At least once a week, you should clean the coffee pot with vinegar and warm water. This sterilizes the pot and makes it squeaky clean. Keep running water through the pot, till the vinegar smell fades away. If you maintain your coffee maker really well, it can last a lifetime.

Also, you should rinse your paper filters really well with warm water and replace them every so often.

Be innovative with your coffee creations

When you go to coffee shops it’s not only about the coffee designs on the foam. There are flavors, essences, that are added to make that awesome cup of hot brewed coffee. However, they do cost a bit more than a regular cup of mocha. Normally all coffee outlets sell their flavors. If you love to experiment, go ahead and purchase these flavors. You can even buy them online.

You should try adding a bit of spice in your coffee like a little nutmeg or cinnamon powder to “spice” things up. It also has health benefits. In many grocery stores, you can get flavored shots which you can add in the coffee with different creamers and sweeteners. Using these creative items, you can get yourself a perfect smelling foam filled tasty hot cup of coffee.

Do you brew?

Brewing your own cup of coffee at home is really fun. You can experiment with the flavors. It also saves you time and money. There are other factors that need to be taken into consideration like the kind of water you use for making the coffee, the paper filters used for filtration. Also the way you measure the coffee and infuse the grounded beans matters to get that perfect cup. Be creative and experiment!

With a few simple tricks mentioned above, you can finally brew yourself a professionally worthy cup of coffee.

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