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5 Cheap Date Ideas That I Love

by Bethany
cheap date ideas

We desperately needed a date. Not like a “let’s go to Costco together” kind of date, but a real honest to god romantic date.  We were frazzled, stressed and discombobulated from our house buying, renovation, and move. Our previously set goals had been gathering dust in some moving box we haven’t unpacked and our answers to each other came in short quick snippets. The exhaustion was haunting. It was time to appreciate each other and give some notice to us so we could function better as a team. Here are 5 of our favorite cheap date ideas that help remind us ….that we are us.

Cheap Date Ideas #1 – For the Nerds

cheap date ideas

Reading and learning. One of the most beneficial things in our relationship has been sharing what we learn. We have to learn to grow, and what is better than learning together. Plus, if you are in any way nerds like we are this will be the perfect way to connect.

Find a book, article or podcast that you both want to or have read/listened to. Often HisFI will send me podcast episodes he has listened to at work as a text or I will send him an article. Then when we get home from the day, one of us will pick up our favorite wine and maybe a little desert and we will talk about what we just read/heard.

Typically we consumed the material during our lunches or sometime that day, giving us time to process and generate thoughts- creating rich conversation. And there is nothing more sexy that some good convos…throw on some nerdy glasses and the night is complete.

Sentence Starters for those who need it:

“It was interesting to think about…”

” I wonder why______ would think that…”

“What do you think about ________”  or “Would you do the same thing as ___________”

” I never thought about ________ before, have you?”

Cheap Date Ideas #2. For the Traditionals

cheap date ideas

Movie night. I know… you all have seen this on the cheap date ideas list before. However, I am not talking about your nightly beer and Jeopardy. I am also not talking about “Netflix and Chill“…although “chill” has the potential to follow if you can put a little extra thought into the evening.

Take the time to rent (yes, rent) or download a movie ahead of time. Keep it a choice you BOTH will enjoy. Get some traditional theater junk food from the favorite candy to the popcorn and soda (or adult beverage).Make sure you have fed the animals, the kids are asleep, and remove distraction. Find a blanket to cuddle under and make it feel like special uninterrupted time.

Don’t forget to talk about the movie afterwards! I know…we are big on this talking and sharing thing, but it is so important to keep that connection.

Cheap Date Ideas #3. For the Athletes

cheap date ideas

Plan a run together. You won’t catch HisFi or HerFi running together, but I have heard people do this for fun. We prefer to bike, hike or walk. Whatever your preference try to make it a friendly competition…if you can handle that sort of thing. Go somewhere outside of your normal route such as a walking trail or new park. Bring your dog and maybe even a mini picnic for after the workout to refuel.

Whatever you do, make it feel like your time….which means if one person runs one mile everyday and the other runs four, you guys compromise at what can be done together. Leaving your partner in the dust will not be sparking any romance or strengthening your bond.

#4. For the Thrill Seekers

Try something new together! We have done this so many times using Groupon or Living Social for a deal. From the new hipster trend of “Floating” (an out of body experience in dark salty water filled pods) to Sky Zone ( a giant room covered in trampolines) there is an endless number of options.

We are lucky enough to live near a quirky city, Portland. This city has everything from a Cat Cafe (dine with the cats), glow in the dark mini golf, and OMSI After Dark for adults only. Check out what your city has to offer.

#5. For the Travelers

cheap date ideas

Day Trip time. Go to the beach or find a museum or other monument within a few hours that you have always wanted visit. The Oregon Trail runs through our states and has so many monuments. We also have a Fort nearby that does reenactments which can be fun to experience. (All for FREE)

Something we just started using is MeetUp. You can sign up and list your interests and be notified when groups get together and go exploring. We love to hike and get out in nature so it is fun to find new places with new people in our area. It feels a bit like traveling. (Of course we do love to travel for real too)

Whatever you do, take the time to enjoy each others company and energy. Appreciate the human you are partnered with. Let us know your cheap date ideas in the comments below!

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