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In the Name of Beauty and the Budget: Day to Night Makeup

by Bethany

First, if you haven’t already checkout my post on skincare and the beauty industries high prices and empty promises do so.

Makeup is a bit different than skincare and can warrant the higher prices. If you want your items to last, work, and have good pigment you may pay a little extra.

My makeup look on the daily is really simple and low maintenance. I use makeup to accentuate the parts of my face I love. I also use it as a creative outlet and something to play with. Am I playing into the patriarchal standards that insist on objectifying women and setting impossible beauty standards? No.

Throughout the years, my relationship with makeup has changed drastically. The middle school girl who slapped on the brightest color of eye shadow possible and made sure not to forget the blush only to be told that she looked like a common “whore” at Sunday School. To the teenager who refused to leave the house without caked on layers of foundation in order to look desirable (but not too desirable), to create her worth in society’s unforgiving lens.

Over the years from teenager to adulthood  labels such as  desperate, easy, slutty, trying too hard, not trying hard enough, covering up, not being your “true” self”, insecure,  or “you could be _____ if you _________.”  have all slid across my path as they do with many women who wear or do not wear makeup.

Now to the adult who realized that “My life is mine.” and these choices are mine. I realized it was my war paint, my art, my face. So if I wing my eyeliner and gloss my lips for some extra sass, that is what I am going to do.

It is about changing the way we talk about beauty. This means we have to stop telling women how to look, where to look and when to look. This means when women talk about other women it is to uplift and be inspired. It is not to suggest or imply any patriarchal constructs about her looks. It means noticing FIRST her accomplishments, her intelligence, her spirit before ever caring if she put concealer under her eyes.

For those of you who still believe it is “unnatural”, “deceitful”, or “too sexual” I will refer you to my best friends detailed breakdown of these social constructs and the sexist basis of these ideas: Makeup and its Wearers: The Ugly Truth about Unsolicited Commentary Regarding Women Who Wear Makeup.

My Daytime Look:


      1. Prime: I recently (another shout out to M.Aylor) started using vegetable glycerine as a primer. It is affordable, you only need a tiny dab and it moisturizes throughout the day.
      2. Concealer: I use Bare Minerals concealer dab under eyes. Use your ring finger to dab lightly into the skin. Do not rub or be rough, you eye skin is very sensitive.
      3. Foundation or Tinted Creme: I do not like heavy foundation or anything that is really full coverage. I have found that Bare Minerals Tinted Gel Creme. It is light and easily glides over the skin. I can easily use this without any primer as well.
      4. Eyeliner and Mascara: I am a huge fan of the black tiny wing. I love a liquid eye liner that has a tip so I can place and draw and get a perfect wing. My mascara has a tiny, skinny head so you can get all portions of the eyelashes.  Every other day I will use some of my eye shadows and do a fun color to change it up.
      5. Lipgloss. Use anything you like. I love Lipsense that my friend gave me (IT IS AMAZING), but on the daily I use Burt’s Bees tinted lip balm.


Night Time Look:

My base is the same. So Prime, Concealer, and Foundation. Then I choose to play up my eyes and lips and use a highlighter and top with a finishing power. I will list some of my favorite products I have for those nights out and let me know what you guys do for going out!


  • Becca Shimmering Skin Perfecter (Liquid)- A recent purchase for me. I wanted a nice punchy highlighter for the bridge of the nose and cheekbones. This gives a gorgeous natural glow. Moonstone and Opal are good neutral choices. I just dab this on although you can put under your foundation for a full face glow. Use a VERY small amount.
  • Naked Blush Bronzer Compact– I do not love this highlighter, but the blush is a perfect shade and the bronzer is not cakey or too potent. You can also use the blush on your eyes as well. Any product that does the “double duty” is worth it.
  • Makeup Forever HD Setting Powder– Expensive, but if you go out dancing or want something that gives flawless non-drying finish this is it. My large container lasted me for one year.


  • Stilla Nude/Naturals Palette- Perfect for daily looks. A good mix of matte and shimmers for every skin tone and subtle looks. The one I have is discontinued, but I have linked an alternative choice.
  • Marc Jacobs Smartorial Palette– Expensive but incredible pigment quality. Cool tones in this palette for bold looks.
  • Buxom Custom Palette – Best option I have found so far. Go to an Ulta and you can hand pick out every single color in the palette so that they are the ones you will use every day. Cost to value bargain.


  • I pretty much only use Lipsense. I tried it out and it is incredible. It really does stay on all day. It is not in any way natural so I do not use it daily, but have a nice collection. You have to find a distributer for this. If you need a suggestion check out my friend Riley Potter.

Thanks all! I would love to hear from you on your thoughts and musings around Beauty and the Budget


Riley Potter February 7, 2018 - 10:56 am

You are a true beauty!! I always love learning about makeup!!

Bethany McCamish February 7, 2018 - 4:31 pm

Thank you Riley! You are always adorable and inspiring. 🙂

Tread Lightly, Retire Early March 22, 2018 - 12:55 pm

I went through similar phases with make up, though now I only wear it a handful of times a year. I agree that it can be a fun accessory though – but I balk against having to wear it in order to look “professional.”


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