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Discovering FI for Him

by Charles

Learn what FI and FIRE mean and how I discovered it.

What is FI/FIRE?

There are two terms that get thrown around today and they all revolve around the same idea. FI stands for financial independence while FIRE describes achieving Financial independence in order to retire early.  The goal here is you develop a means to receive passive income that supports the cost of your lifestyle. This can be retirement income, real-estate, online business…you name it!

FI – Financial Independence

FIRE – Financial Independence Retire Early


The two go hand-in-hand, financial independence gives you the choice, rather gives you time back to do whatever you want. That includes still working your 9-to-5 job; if it’s something you love and are passionate about then by all means keep doing it. Maybe you love your job and want to keep working, but a 30 hour work week sure sounds nicer.

That 10 hour work week still sound too long? FIRE it up and retire early.

“Each end goal is still the same”
“Design the life you want. Live the life you’ve built!”

How I Joined the FI-Wagon

My journey started when HerFI and I planned a trip to Ireland. Travel was filling our heads with the adventures to be. The Emerald Isle was blushing her sweet 50 shades of green our way. While we were aloof with our fantasies, there is the ultimate realization that we needed to pay for all this.

The largest expense when traveling overseas? I’m sure you’ve guessed it, the flight!

HerFI luckily has a father who is budget…budget-mind….minded….BUDGET-HEADED! Okay so he knows his frugality with a capital F, but where he pointed us next was the start to something much bigger.

He pointed us to this new podcast ChooseFI who had an episode on travel rewards and how to travel the world for free using credit card sign up bonuses.

This one –> http://www.choosefi.com/009-travel-rewards-travel-world-free-ultimate-guide/

While we didn’t have the time to apply that knowledge to our Ireland trip, we did take the chance to use the minimum purchase requirements to start earning those bonuses for future travel.

This had a side-effect…no it’s not a coincidence we magically have FI in our names. I started listening to the other episodes, one after the other, like a binge night on Netflix. I got hooked and started changing little things in my life which led to bigger things. Before I knew it I was on my path to FI and trying to convince HerFI of the same.

You can read all about me trying to convince her on How NOT to Tell Your Spouse About FI

My discovery of FI and FIRE changed both my mindset and my everyday routine so I can enjoy what is most important in my life. It also allowed me to find new value in the simple things.

To hear how HerFI discovered FI click here.


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