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One Year Blogging: Why We Keep Going

by Bethany

One year ago we pressed publish to our very first posts Discovering FI for Him and Discovering FI for Her.  Since then, we have discovered more about ourselves than we could have ever imagined. Even more important, we discovered a community of writers, creatives, and innovators called the personal finance community. From FIRE bound to Financially Free, these people were inquisitive and supportive.

In fact, this month we created the His & Her Toolbox to celebrate the many books, blogs, podcasts and calculators that have made this path something achievable.

Special thanks to the women in the Personal Finance sphere who have become a driving force and support each other in the best way possible. You all truly have been the best!

A Look Back at Our Favorite Posts

Taking a look at our archives we pulled out our favorite posts from this past year.

The Path to Financial Independence is Never About the Money

A realization of that a blog we started with the intention to talk only about money- turned into one that talks about absolutely everything- because in the end money has nothing to do with it.

I Suck at Financial Independence: Reflections of a Broke Teacher and Starving Artist

My most vulnerable post where I talk about the choice of following your passion. This post was one I truly hesitated pressing publish on – only because it was just that real.

Redeeming Chase Ultimate Rewards for Airlines and Hotels Using Transfer Partners

We learned how to travel for free and this post (plus a few more) outline how we did it. Yes, travel for free! Probably the main idea that first got us interested in FI in the first place. 

Starbucks vs Capsules vs Beans? A Coffee Savings Calculator To Save You Money Without The Sacrifice

Probably a post with the fondest of memories. Spurred from a heated debate about whether or not to keep the Nespresso (which HerFI wanted) or to buy an expensive espresso machine and save money in the long run. Spoiler alert: HisFI won this one- it helps he actually made a calculator to convince me.

Why we are not married after 6 years

A post we now reference when asked exactly that- why we are not married. One that was sent to friends by friends – for the sake of our common state as an unmarried couple. For this reason it is near and dear to us- that our post directly impacted the lives of those around us in conversations with their own family.

The Unknown Creative and a Box

A post that will never have great SEO or ranking, but has great personal meaning and tells a story creatives are all too familiar with.

Features and Collaborations

We are so honored! (And totally excited)

Best of the Web on Michael Dinich: The Cost of Physical and Mental Activity: What is stopping you? 

Women’s Money Talk Feature: Feminism + Financial Independence: Why the Two are Inseparable.

Campfire Finance Feature: The Path to Finacial Independence is Never About the Money

Women’s Money Talk Feature: 5 Books by Women that Changed my Life 

Friends and Finances Feature on Saving Joyfully

Campfire Finance Feature: How NOT to Tell your Spouse about FI

Women Rock Money Movement Collaboration: I’m in your Corner. Are You?  Created by Mama Fish Saves

Women Who Money Contributor: How can I Best Automate my Finances with Infographic

Rockstar Finance Feature: I Suck at Financial Independence: Reflections of a Broke Teacher and Starving Artist

Campfire Finance Feature: I Suck at Financial Independence: Reflections of a Broke Teacher and Starving Artist 


The Things We Did Not Write About (very much):

  • Our cat lost his paw in freak accident and now has a nub (So he is a hairless cat with a nub…)
  • Our dog (one of them) passed away while we were in Ireland traveling 🙁
  • We Bought a Home
  • Had snow on Christmas!
  • Our family expanded! We have a puppy Borzoi and a new Bengal- making it a full house of 3 fur babies and 1 furless baby.
  • We went to Crater Lake, Colorado and Ireland – HerFI went to Montana [Headed to Peru next week!]
  • HerFI met up with Tread Lightly, Retire Early in Portland
  • We watched the Eclipse
  • HerFI performed tap and jazz on the stage- she discovered she missed the stage
  • HisFI maxed out his retirement accounts for the first time
  • We did not renew our Costco memebership and instead share one now
  • We went Vegan after a 3 day documentary binge and serious need for change in diet (there will be LOTS more on this)
  • Our Christmas gifts were cards HerFI designed that listed the charities we contributed to
  • We started meditating
  • We have read over 20 books
  • HerFI will move up a pay lane after taking more professional development courses
  • HisFI recieved a promotion at work- also with a pay increase
  • We each have an emergency fund over $1,000 for the first time in our lives

We are thankful for all of the it and we want to keep going. Cheers to another year with you all!

Charles and Bethany

AKA His & Her FI



Ms Zi You July 31, 2018 - 9:54 am

Hi Both – sounds like an eventful year of growth all round – sorry to hear about your pet losses and hope all the new arrivals are settling in well.

Congrats on promotions and payrises and hope you are still enjoying the vegan lifestyle?

Bethany July 31, 2018 - 5:56 pm

Yes, eventful for sure. 🙂 Yes! Still vegan and loving it. We are well adjusted to it now. I suppose I should have added that too. Oh well. 🙂 Thank you for all of your support and reading.

Tread Lightly, Retire Early July 31, 2018 - 10:44 am

So glad we got to meet up in person!! Now we just need to plan a round 2 ❤️❤️❤️

Bethany July 31, 2018 - 5:57 pm

Me too! Thank you for welcoming us into the blogger world. <3 I will message you about round 2.

thedragonsonfire August 4, 2018 - 3:10 pm

Congrats on the one year of blogging! Enjoy Peru. It is an amazing country!


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