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One Bag Travel for Women: Pack Light for 5 Days

by Bethany

If you have not heard yet, one bag travel is the best way to travel. Seriously, the amount of time and effort spent packing and then lugging the items around on your adventure on its own is worth it. For getting started with one bag travel check out my packing tips and packing list here. There is even a printable version for your use. 

It does not matter how long the trip is, you can do it in one bag.

Lake McDonald

I have found that one bag travel for women is rare, or at least not too many people are writing about it. Therefore a series of posts is born! This is #2 in the series where I will show you what I wore packed in my one 40 liter backpack.

In the future you can look forward to posts for what I wore in Peru for 13 Days, Orlando for 6 days, and a (not yet planned) tropical get away. All the activities will vary from business to hiking – you can still be covered in one bag travel. For how to pack for 3 days and some serious hiking go here– otherwise let’s take a look at what I wore for 5 days in one bag.

**All photos were taken by myself or my friend Alyssa. 

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Avalanche Lake

 The Trip

Summer is here and I was determined to pack it full of travel before going back to the classroom. While we started with Crater Lake, I headed out solo to see my dear friend in Montana. We had 5 days together and packed it full.


Day 1:
  • Arrive on Sunday evening to Missoula MT using my Capitol One Venture Card Miles. Flight was free!
  • Check into Hotel- paid for by Chase Points (again- who doesn’t love free travel)
  • Head out to eat at the Tamarack which has a killer Hummus Plate and grab a drink. Cost: $21.00
  • Get some rest for our road trip in the morning

Sunset we watched while eating dinner on Day 1

Day 2:
  • Early morning- go get breakfast (since the hotel did not serve breakfast- common with some Hiltons). Cost: $12.00
  • Head to Lincoln and go to the Lincoln Sculpture Park. Free admission!
  • Head to Phillipsburg for Sapphire Mining, the Candy Store, and some late lunch. Cost: $45.00
  • Go to Hamilton and climb a waterfall on the way. Also hit a huge pothole that gave us a heart attack. Follow this by saying a legit prayer of thanks that the car still worked.
  • Stay the night with my friends parents- enjoy the good food, company and views from the hot tub. Stay up too late for our early morning- who could expect anything else?

Day 3:
  • Go to Glacier National Park and spend the day taking in the glorious nature. Cost: Admission is $35 for one week in the summer
  • Hike Avalanche Trail at the Park
  • Drive the 53 mile “Go To the Sun Road” in the park and stop continuously for the breathtaking views and wildlife.
  • Head back to West Glacier to purchase dinner, charge our phones and buy a T-Shirt. Cost:$40.98
  • Drive to our Cabin in the middle of no where – 47 minutes into the park. Booked it on Air BnB. Cost: $123 (however, my friend took care of this since I did the other hotels)

Day 4:
  • Get up and head into Glacier for a hike along Lake McDonald
  • Say Goodbye to Glacier and take photo by the sign
  • Go get some coffee Cost: $4.25
  • Go to the National Bison Range and see Bison- plus views of the Mission Mountains. Que Sound of Music
  • Head to the St. Ignacious Mission (Free Historic Landmark)
  • Drive to The Garden of 1,000 Buddhas (Free)
  • Get some lunch at 5 on Black Cost: $24.00 for two
  • Check in at Hotel paid for with American Express Blue Sky points except for fees
  • Hot tub and rest our tired souls

Day 5:
  • Sleep in since checkout is at 12.
  • Tour the University Fine Art building and amazing pottery room – ranked in the top 15 in the nation
  • Head into Missoula for  a look at the city and shops Parking Cost: $3.00
  • Get some Iced Tea Cost: $3.00
  • Buy some earrings from a store owned by a local woman (did not need- what can I say I am a heathen) Cost: $28.00
  • Grab lunch- Cost: $14.50
  • Head to the airport and I say goodbye to my dearest friend to fly home

Note: The hotels were around $200-273 per night and did polish off my points so I will be in the need for new travel cards! Additionally, the gas was paid for by my friend.

What I Wore Each Day

Day 1:

I wore my favorite stretchy navy capris, Banana Republic Linen shirt and my Xero Sandals with of course my backpack and purse. Ready for a day of travel and evening of fun.

Day 2:

White Nike T-Shirt and Leggings with sandals. Simple and easy. It was also 96 degrees.

Day 3:

Day pack, Nike breathable shirt, sports bra, Vivo Barefoot Trail Runners, stretchy workout capris, bug spray and sunscreen. Lots of it.

Day 4:

Nike Shorts, Grey Toad & Co T-Shirt, Flannel for the early morning hike which soon went around my waist. Xero Sandals of course the Day Pack.

Day 5:

Stretchy black pants, new National Park T-Shirt, Sandals

Other Recommendations/ Things I Packed for this Trip

  • Sunscreen
  • Bug Spray
  • Some snacks
  • Epi-Pen
  • Camera with Telephoto lens
  • Swimsuit
  • Bought Bear Spray
  • Re-usable water bottle
  • Wet wipes

There you have it! 5 Days in one bag. Of course I also brought the essentials like deodorant, face wash, chargers, etc. It all fits and I hopped on and off my little plane with no problems. I also did not look like I was wearing the same stinky clothes. I had new pants for each day- the material was thin and easy to pack. The trick is to cut out those non-essentials like more than two pair of shoes or hair tools. The bulky stuff can fill up your pack fast! Off to Peru I go!

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