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Podcast 20 – Sarah | Save AND Spend Approach to Personal Finance

by Charles

Sarah from Smile and Conquer is on the show to share her financial expertise as a professional in the finance world.

She doesn’t advocate for a frugal life but instead takes a save AND spend approach. This reflects in her desire to not retire early as she enjoys her work and job. This results in some awesome advice for how to budget when you are an inherent spender.

We then dive deeper into money and talk about some of the emotions that are tied to it, including shame. She goes on to discuss the challenges women face dealing with financial planners and the investing gap.

We also delve into home buying as she goes over the top tips from her Home Buying Series.

Tune in for this well rounded conversation as there is lots to take away.

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Topics Covered:

  • Being a spender and a saver
  • Start in finance
  • What’s it’s like to see a financial planner
  • Canada vs USA
  • Talking about money
  • The tie between shame and money
  • Thoughts from a non FIRE person
  • Investing gap
  • Top home buying tips
  • Financial misconceptions

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