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Podcast 17 – Tanja and Mark | An Inside Perspective Into Early Retirement

by Charles

Tanja and Mark from Our Next Life have been rocking early retirement. As recent early retirees at the ages of 38 and 41 they share how their next life is one filled with intentionality and purpose, without a single trace of boredom.

They bring a unique perspective as having now walked the path they envisioned. With this comes insightful thoughts about the FIRE community and the larger society as a whole.

Give these two a listen and we promise you that your world will be broadened.

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Topics Covered:

  • Earliest money memories
  • Finances in the start of a relationship
  • Constructing your own vision for the future
  • Finding value and creating intentionality
  • Are humans meant to work?
  • Will the way we work change in the future?
  • Is FIRE attainable for anyone?
  • The risks of retiring early
  • A deep look at FIRE in society
  • Career intermissions
  • Best money advice
  • Money rules we should be breaking
  • Expectations versus realities of early retirement
  • The best lessons Mark and Tanja have learned from each other

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