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Podcast 22 – Jimmy and Jenny | The Challenges of Parenting in Today’s Society

by Charles

Jimmy and Jenny from Living Life Loving Us join us to talk about something we haven’t really ever discussed before, parenting. The challenges of parenting are ever widening with the expanse of social media and the expectations that other parents have of each other for raising children.

This Fire Fighter and ER Nurse have a different take on the matter and have a truly unique system they have developed for their own family. It takes hard work and some sacrifice but the fight was worth it even when these two had to spend 6 figures on IVF just to have their baby.

They share their perspective on how they are raising their child, how they can still “spoil” her while not having to break the bank, and just focusing on what really matters most.

Jenny and Jimmy bring their honest and vulnerable thoughts to this conversation and make this one a must listen even if you don’t have kids.

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Topics Covered:

  • Stereotypes and stigmas with parenting
  • Value based life decisions
  • Spending on children
  • Pressures to spend
  • How to do expensive things on the cheap
  • How each of them were raised and how they raise their kid
  • Taking a young kid on trips
  • Hacking your careers for more time off
  • Mom guilt
  • Emotional labor especially with parenting
  • Pursing FI

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