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Podcast Bonus – The Money Middletons | A New Curation Site for Mild to Moderate Income Earners

by Charles

We are happy to have on Stephanie, the creator of a new personal finance content curation site The Money Middletons. Their goal is to reach the shrinking middle class whose incomes are mild to moderate. What is considered the middle class you say?

Well, that is a tricky question as Stephanie points out in our talk. According to Brookings the definition of middle class can have many different meanings. Luckily Pew Research has a calculator that will help you determine what category you fall in.

I think the most important part that came across in this conversation though is a hard number range isn’t the end-all be-all to determine if The Money Middletons will speak to you. Chances are they will have something of value to bring to you.

Listen for yourself and see if you can call yourself a Middleton.

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