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Podcast 02 – Adopting a Life of Minimalism

by Charles
minimalism as a tool for FIRE

Is minimalism the ultimate side-kick to financial independence and retiring early? In our case it was the catalyst that helped Bethany get on this path to FI. This thought helped us evaluate what “things” actually brought us happiness. This meant for Charles having to overcome his impulse spending habits and for Bethany to tame her one-click Amazon shopping trigger finger.

We explore how value can be perceived differently between Men and Women. What we saw each other buying didn’t always correlate to our own sense of value. We even go into how advertising of products is different based on gender and there is more of a pressure on women to buy certain products at a highly marked up price.

Differences also come up between Charles wanting to be frugal and buy those on sale Costco bulk items in large quantity to Bethany’s minimalism and buying something only after it was gone. These differences in opinion require some give and take in our relationship and an acceptance that difference in thinking is okay and what balances us out.

So grab your headphones and enjoy the show!

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Topics Covered:

  • Minimalism’s complementary nature to saving money
  • How we almost bought a tiny house
  • What items bring us joy
  • Perceived value based on the individual
  • Women vs Men when it comes to buying habits
  • Minimalism as a tool to change mindset and behavoir
  • Frugality vs minimalism

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