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5 Books by Women that Changed My Life

by Bethany

I am not even kidding. These five books by women changed my life forever. Blogs are incredible, but books stay with you. They are sticky and sweet like honey. Like honey these books left a residue and nourished my body. If you are building your spring reading list, need a book for a flight or simply have not felt compelled to pick up a book in awhile add one of these to the cart.

Books nourish your mind and body- they are not a waste of money. Of course I say that as an educator, but also someone who rarely listens to audio books. I just love the feel of a book in my hand and being able to look at the words- re-read them if needed. So I condone dropping the occasional $10 on a book that you need to travel with. However if you want an alternative option look into your local library and put them on hold or sin up for the local libraries free audio books and download  it today.

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Braving the Wilderness

by Brene Brown

This book is my most recent read and had me crying approximately every 4 pages. Brown is an educator and shame researcher whose Ted Talk and a nudge from a friend  inspired me to pick this book up. Brown asks you to confront your own assumptions and beliefs – including bracing subjects like Black Lives Matter and our recent tumultuous election here in the US. The title to one of her chapters and a moving statement: “It is hard to hate people close up. Move In.” By the end of book I was left vulnerable- in the best way possible.  Become the Wilderness. 


We Should All Be Feminists 

by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie

While this book is short 50 pages it packs a powerful message rich with story and experience. As a human breathing on this earth- you should read this book- especially if feminism and understanding the movement has been a challenge for you. A New York Times Best Seller, this personal essay reflects a definition of feminism rooted in reflection, inclusion and awareness. She brings attention to the often masked sexual politics and the sexism  we (society)  have so dutifully worked to keep just so subtle and under the surface. “We teach girls to shrink themselves. To make themselves feel smaller.” What we do to men is also an injustice and she breaches social constructs and gender in a way that is readily approachable. Ted Talk here.


Milk and Honey

By Rupi Kaur

A book of modern 21st century poetry that skips that “where art thou” and instead dives right into the all too relatable journey for women in and out of love and belonging. Separated into 4 sections and surrounded by minimal yet perfectly paired contour line drawings- each section addresses a different pain and brings a new sense of healing. Kaur also has a new book out titled The Sun and her Flowers. I have yet to read this one- but it is said to be equally eloquent. “You were do afraid of my voice, I decided to be afraid of it too.”


Why Are All the Black Kids Sitting Together in the Cafeteria?: And Other Conversations About Race. 

by Beverly Daniel Tatum Ph. D

A book I read while completing my Masters Program, Beverly Daniel Tatum breaks down not only the psychology of race but also sheds light on racial and ethnic divides. A thought provoking title and a book that has an essential conversation about race that is needed now more than ever in our society. “It is important to understand that the system of advantage is perpetuated when we do not acknowledge its existence.”


Your Money OR Your Life

by Vicki Robin

If you are in the FI community you have probably heard about this book already. The one responsible for starting all of this really. Robin proposes an entirely different way of thinking and approaching your money. One that asks you to look at your personal history with money, tally up your totals and more. Separated into 9 steps it is the path to FI first summed up by a woman (how awesome is that).  This book was transformative in so many ways for me- especially in squashing my spending and whining about money. The newest version has a forward by Mr. Money Mustache himself and is recommended by the Queen of television- Oprah.


Now I turn this back to you. Have you read any of these? Thoughts?

What are some books by women that have changed your life? I need a summer reading list.

For further reading regarding women’s issues check out “I am in your corner. Are You?” and “Feminism and FI: Why the two are Inseparable.”


freddy smidlap May 30, 2018 - 9:06 am

their eyes were watching god, by zora neale hurston. there’s a lot in there about gender roles and race in the early 20th century. it takes some getting used to as it’s written with vernacular phrasing.

Cat @ Sisters For FI May 30, 2018 - 12:19 pm

Thanks for these recommendations. I just requested them from my local library. I’ve only just read Your Money or Your Life. I wish I read that one earlier in life.

Bethany May 30, 2018 - 4:58 pm

Of course! I am so glad you are checking them out.
I thought the same thing about that book, that it is a must read for everyone the second they get a job…any job even in High School. Thank you for reading!

Tread Lightly, Retire Early June 4, 2018 - 12:23 pm

I’ve not even heard of most of these, but adding them all to my Goodreads list for sure!


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