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Dear Future FI Me: Reflections from Cents Positive Retreat

by Bethany

I recently attended the event Cents Positive last weekend. While I was surrounded by women who were intelligent, thoughtful and some of the most aware people I have met, I was also surrounded by some heavy topics that really had me reflecting.

We were encouraged to write a letter to our future selves in FI and document what inspired us and popped up at this event. You can probably already tell this is the least SEO friendly post and is certainly not optimized for anything. (because we do not always have to optimize) Instead, this is my personal diary entry about the event done on the flight home. It is about what I want to remember in the future, which means tomorrow and a year from now.

Dear Future FI Me,

Remember how your very first Rockstar Finance feature was titled “I Suck at Financial Independence: Reflections of a Broke Teacher and Starving Artist.”. I am sure you do. It was written out of the frustration and guilt you felt for choosing the career you did and feeling trapped in a situation.

Feeling trapped made your eyes bulge out and your panic mode hit. You reverted to damaging self talk and guess what, you got featured. You were validated and at the same time it only felt worse to be in the situation.

You told everyone on the internet that you suck at FI. Here is a fact: You do not suck at FI just because you do not fit the narrative. Let me tell you this again; you do not suck at FI because you do not fit the narrative that is being told.

Here is a fact: You do not suck at FI just because you do not fit the narrative.

My hope is that when you read this, the narrative has changed and shifted in a way that allows for more experiences. That you have reached your goals of making money from what you create, but more importantly that you have continued to pursue a bigger more meaningful life full of love for yourself and others.

Things to remember on your FI journey:

  • Your story is not invalid, neither are the stories of others
  • There is no need to fake it till you make it. Honesty is best.
  • Your first priority should be you
  • More time will not fix your problems, in some ways it will magnify them so be ready for this
  • Remember more than your why, but also the what, who, where and when
  • How scary it feels to not have money
  • Remember to look back behind you at the mountains you have already climbed
  • Your emotional labor should not be subsidizing anyones life
  • You should not have to hustle more if it is hard for you to get out of bed in the morning. TLC for you.
  • Do not feel guilty about money
  • What you out out into the world should not be undervalued
  • Not all friends need the friend discount
  • Be generous whenever possible while still valuing your work
  • You love love
  • There is no normal that will fit you
  • You do not suck so stop telling yourself that
  • Be transparent

Trust me, I know you better than anyone else. You can do this. Pave the way and bring others up with you. You will see the world, but more importantly you will do it for yourself and be ok with it.

Love forever and always,


Cents Positive Retreat

I encourage anyone who needs a safe place to talk about money to attend this event. It was uplifting and I did not leave the conference feeling like a failure, but instead empowered. I left with reflections and reminders to become a better human. To see some of what others said about the event look at the #centspositive


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